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Fiction: wand vs. wizard

Title: Wand vs. Wizard
Rating: G
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre/s: Drabble
Pairing/s: None
Warning/s: None
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine. Plot is mine. Not selling this crap. Don't sue. Please?

Summary: Ollivander's days as an apprentice. Oneshot.

A/N: Written for a drabble challenge about wizard training. Won 3rd place.

Wand-making is an exact science.

Or so my mentor says.

Measure everything down to the smallest measurement of your measuring tape, Ollivander. Inquire about the customer's wand arm, then look at him. Is he tall? Short? Thin? Fat? Sturdy? Flexible? If he has requests, tailor everything to his specifications.

The customer, he says, is the key.

But I believe otherwise.

People are fickle.
People don't know what they want.
People, I believe, need wands that change with their moods and adapt to their skills as they grow...

If so, should the wand be able to choose the wizard?



Tags: fanfic, gen, hp, writing
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