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Art: strip collection 1

Title: Strip Collection 1
Rating: G
Fandom: Harry Potter
Medium: Digital
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine. Plot, art, and concept is mine. Not selling this crap. Don't sue. Please?

Ignorance is Bliss

Little did Scabbers know that Hedwig actually has magical control over her eyeballs.

And little did Hedwig know that Scabbers was actually off-limits.


Rodent Problem

And from this moment on, Scabbers and Hedwig were inseparable.

...Or so, Scabbers thought.


Wrong Catch

Apparently, the owls have a running bet on who gets to catch Scabbers first.


Garden Variety

It's just Hedwig's rotten luck that Scabbers looks like a garden variety rat.

More strips may be found at hpcritters. Friend if you're interested. :)

Tags: art, fan comic, hp
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