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Graphics: text icons batch 1

Title: Text Icons Batch 1
Fandom: LJ, Formula 1, and various fandoms
Disclaimer: Graphics by bedpotato. Comment and credit when taking. Please do not hotlink. Upload to your own server.
































This batch isn't very original, I know. Some of these have probably been done by others, but I assure you, I made them. Any similarities (especially with the text) were unintentional. If you have a problem with it (like if you think that I stole your idea), just leave a comment and I'll take them down. :)

Tags: f1, graphics, icons, lj, text
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I followed a link on your sidebar and ended up in your super secret mystery comm! :-P I didn't read any of your fics, just like we agreed. I figured you wouldn't mind my helping myself to your icons, though. I love these! Of course, I just had to grab the Billy one. It's perfect! *snuggles icon*
LOL Yeah. It's mah super secret mystery comm that I started on but never got around to promoting elsewhere (probably because I ran out of ideas, as usual). Help yourself. I forgot these icons existed! Hahaha
I asked bottledsky where she gt her wonderful icon and she directed me here. I would like #14 and #23. I will credit.
LOL Go ahead! Glad you liked some of 'em.