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Fiction: attraction

Title: Attraction
Rating: G
Fandom: Historical
Genre/s: Vignette, Crack
Pairing/s: Implied Maxwell/Gauss+Ampere+Coulomb+Faraday
Warning/s: RPF, Crack
Disclaimer: Not true. Never happened. Story is mine. Not selling this crap. Don't sue. Please?

Summary: Maxwell is obsessed.

A/N: This is not to be taken seriously. Seriously.

Electromagnetics has become his obsession. He has been working on it for months now, and he is as smitten as ever.

He wonders if it is the subject matter itself that interests him rather than the minds behind it. Gauss, Ampere, Coulomb, Faraday--all four are just as intriguing as the researches they did years ago. Yet, somehow, their personalities are even more captivating than the concepts of electromagnetics, and certainly more addictive.

If he had been born before their time and done the things they did, would they slave over him and his works like he was doing so now?

Tags: fanfic, historical, slash, writing
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